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And He Died: Adam’s Race - Matthew Postiff

Posted September 26, 2022 | Length: 00:48:04 | File size in bytes: 17307648

Now that we have studied the initial creation (1:1-2:3), the history of the earth through the fall, curse, and Cain and Abel (2:4-4:26), we are now taken by the author to his third section, the history of Adam’s family. While there was some genealogical information in 4:1-2, 16-22, and 25-26, this chapter contains the first detailed genealogy of the Bible. There are ten main characters listed in chapter 5, from Adam to Noah. Each person has about 3 verses devoted to them, in this general form: 1. The man lived so many years and had a son. 2. After he had his son, he lived so many more years. 3. During that time, he had more sons and daughters. 4. The length of his life was so many years total. 5. He died. There are a couple of exceptions to this pattern. The most notable of these is the translation of Enoch. Instead of dying, he was translated directly into God’s presence. Enoch is also said to have “walked with God” for 300 years (5:22, 24). This is not mentioned of any of the other men in the list. God, give us more people who walk with you! Another exception to this pattern is Lamech in 5:29. There he names Noah and gives an explanation given for the name. The final exception is Noah himself, who is listed as having three sons, who is older than all the other men at the birth of their notable sons, and a who has a large section of the Bible (chapters 6 through 9) focused on his life and times. At the end of that section, #4 and #5 from the above pattern are recorded (9:28-29).

Our Scripture reading was found in Proverbs 25:1-28.

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