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A Valley of Weeping? - Matthew Postiff

Audio from October 12, 2022 PM | Psalm 84, Psalm 30
Posted October 17, 2022 | Length: 00:24:14 | File size in bytes: 8724384

About Psalm 84: I was told that the Valley of Baca meant Valley of Weeping. We have some dear church members who are going through the Valley of Weeping now and understanding that Psalm would help us to minister to them. May God bring comfort to all who are in distress in our churches. Remember too that it is not just portions of Scripture considered and applied with the help of God’s Spirit that bring comfort. God very often uses believing people to bring comfort to others in the church family. He uses the preaching of the word by our Bible teachers, the presence of encouraging people, the service of dedicated helpers, the gifts of generous givers, and the prayers of the saints. All these different ways help those in need to make it through their difficult times.

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