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The Fragrance of the Gospel Diffused Through Christians, Part 2 - Jansen Lorch

Audio from November 27, 2022 PM | 2 Corinthians 2:14-17
Posted November 27, 2022 | Length: 00:54:16 | File size in bytes: 19540224

The message of Christ creates a twofold effect on its recipients. It is repulsive to some, that is, to unbelievers, yet it is life giving to those to do believe. We know from the context of this passage that the Apostle Paul had experienced much pain and difficulty in his ministry to the Corinthians. Paul wrote exhortations to address problems within the church of Corinth and worked with Titus to obtain the state of the church. The Corinthian church received Paul's message well. Paul praises God who led the Corinthian church in triumph, through Him.

Our Scripture reading was found in 2 Chronicles 34:1-33.

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