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Anna the Prophetess on the Birth of Messiah - Matthew Postiff

Posted January 3, 2023 | Length: 00:40:41 | File size in bytes: 14648832

When reading this short account about Anna, we would have to work hard to avoid some serious questions for ourselves. • Do we care about what Christmas really means? • Are we like “those who looked for redemption”? • Are we as keen as they were to hear from Anna her aged wisdom, or do we throw all that to the side of the road and barrel down the highway of life oblivious to what our elders have learned and what God has promised to do in the world? • Are we like Anna, who served God diligently for decades of her life even after her dear spouse passed away? • Do we give thanks to God—for anything? • Do we have good insight into God’s word? • Are we going to be faithful all the way into our old age? • Will our faith be expressed in the manner God ordains in this era—in connection with our church family?

Our Scripture reading was found in Song of Solomon 6:1-13.

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