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Messiah Scourged, Mocked and Crucified - Matthew Postiff

Audio from January 4, 2023 PM | Matthew 27:26-44
Posted January 8, 2023 | Length: 00:33:01 | File size in bytes: 11887776

We continue studying the suffering of Jesus after the trial in front of Pilate and substitution of Barabbas. Things progress downhill rapidly. The gospel portrays for us a severely suffering Messiah. His physical suffering was matched by the emotional torment of nearly everyone turning against Him. The world was basically opposed to this perfect Man. They did so with almost complete misunderstanding of Him, even mocking him for who He really was. Let’s make sure we review: Jesus had the power to come down from the cross, but it was not God’s will for Him to do so. Thus it was not His will to do so. God’s will was for Him to go farther—to die, and be buried, and then to conquer the situation by rising from the dead. He saved others, and He can also save YOU. He did not save Himself because He had to provide for YOUR salvation. He is in fact the Son of God, and He is in fact the King of Israel. He fulfilled the OT prophecies concerning the suffering servant, and will return as conquering lion of Judah when the time is right.

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