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Sodom and Gomorrah - Matthew Postiff

Audio from January 15, 2023 AM | Genesis 18:16-19:38
Posted January 16, 2023 | Length: 00:55:50 | File size in bytes: 20102832

This passage falls naturally into five sections. God reveals to Abraham his plans to judge Sodom for its sin, Abraham intercedes for the righteous people living there, and then two angels go to Sodom and survey the situation and rescue Lot and his two daughters. Lot’s life post-Sodom was a mess. Note that in remembering mercy toward Lot, God was honoring His servant Abraham and the covenant that He had made with Abraham. Here are some wise principles: Avoid drunkenness because it is often associated with immorality. Do not hesitate to leave an evil situation, like Lot should have. Show true and protective hospitality like Lot did. Be boldly insistent in intercessory prayer like Abraham. Intercede for God’s mercy on the saved as well as his longsuffering toward the lost. Be diligent to know God and be known by Him. Is the sin named after the title city in this section the worst of the worst? Not by a long shot. Such a lifestyle is sinful, but a person involved in it can turn away from it (repent) and believe in Jesus. The result? God will completely forgive that person and wash them as clean as can be. Rejecting Christ is a far more serious sin, for there is no other rescue from that. And note this: Matthew 10:12- 15 and 11:23-24 tell of sins that will receive a worse judgment than Sodom. What are those sins? In the first case, it consists of not welcoming the disciples of the Lord and not listening to their words. This consists of rejecting the Christian message and messengers. In the second case, it is that the Lord Jesus did mighty works authenticating His identity and ministry in Capernaum. Rejecting Jesus, who was clearly sent from God, is worse than the sins of Sodom. God expects that you will receive His gracious gift of revealing Himself whether through miraculous works, Biblical words, or Christian workers.

Our Scripture reading was found in Song of Solomon 8:1-14.

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