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A Wife for Isaac - Matt Postiff

Audio from March 19, 2023 AM | Genesis 24:1-67
Posted March 19, 2023 | Length: 00:53:32 | File size in bytes: 19277712

A Wife for Isaac - God made arrangements for Isaac to find a wife, thus to be able to have children, and to propagate the Abrahamic lineage to the next generation. The promise was secure. For us, it would be good to consider some objective principles for finding a marriage partner, for the exact experience of the servant of Abraham is not how it works. What are some of these principles? One is that you must be solid in your conviction that marriage is a permanent establishment. So, only a high quality person is a candidate for you to consider for marriage. Physical appearance is not the guide for this requirement…

Our Scripture reading was Acts 9:1-43

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