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Lord’s Table: The Man of Sorrows - Matt Postiff

Posted April 15, 2023 | Length: 00:37:22 | File size in bytes: 13457232

Lord’s Table: The Man of Sorrows
Any time you distance yourself from God will certainly cause grief, either in the short term or long term, or both. But it will cause you grief, and probably it will cause others grief as well. It also causes Jesus grief. The Lord can ultimately deliver you from that sin and grief. Hopefully you will experience that very soon. And if you are in the midst of grief and sorrow because of loss or other situations beyond your control, be assured that the Lord Jesus knows all about it. He is very intimately acquainted with all of your sorrows. He knows by omniscience. He knows by experience. He knows by carrying those things upon Himself. He knows YOU. I pray He knows you savingly, and you also know Him.

Our Scripture reading was Mark 15:1-47

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