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Jacob and Rebekah Deceive Isaac - Matt Postiff

Audio from April 16, 2023 AM | Genesis 27:1-46
Posted April 21, 2023 | Length: 00:38:44 | File size in bytes: 13948560

Note that Jacob could have and should have received his father’s blessing—and God’s blessing—another way. We are 100% confident that God never requires us to sin to be in His will (James 1:13). We are also certain that if we believe in God, He will take care of things. But sometimes God allows these sorts of things in His plan to accomplish His purposes. I do not claim to understand how all that works, but I read it Scripture and the nature of the God whom I know means I can trust Him about this matter even though I don’t have it all figured out. What should Jacob and Rebekah have done? First, they should have recited to Isaac God’s words from 77-78 years earlier recorded in Genesis 25:23. God revealed them to her in answer to her prayer about the struggle that she felt inside of her womb. This was God’s plan for the lads. Second, Jacob and his mother should have reminded Isaac that his eldest son had exhibited extreme disrespect by despising the birthright. He sold it to his (slightly) younger brother. Legally, it belonged to the younger brother. Esau swore that he did not want it. This action not only showed disrespect for God, but also for his dad. Oh, that hurts to even hear it! Third, Esau exhibited a lack of concern for his family by his choice of marriage partners. He was OK with going down the pagan route, not believing the God of Abraham and Isaac. Finally, both parents should have abandoned their favoritism.

Our Scripture reading was Acts 12:1-25

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