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Qualifications of Deacons Part 2 - Jansen Lorch

Audio from April 16, 2023 PM | I Timothy 3:8-13
Posted April 21, 2023 | Length: 00:53:17 | File size in bytes: 19187568

Scripture has taught us that deacons are vitally important to the church. Therefore, they must meet certain qualifications. We do not hastily appoint deacons, but first examine them. God is most concerned with the spiritual life of those in church leadership. If they fail to meet these criteria, they are unqualified to serve, no matter how they appear to be gifted. There is no limit to the number of deacons that can serve, but they must meet the qualifications, as must their wives. Deacons who serve well will gain a good standing before God and the church and will have a greater confidence in the faith which will inevitably lead to more service and greater boldness in communicating the truth.

Our Scripture reading was Romans 13:1-14

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