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Trouble in the Camp - Matt Postiff

Audio from May 28, 2023 AM | Genesis 34:1-35:29
Posted June 1, 2023 | Length: 00:51:24 | File size in bytes: 18507600

It has often been pointed out that the Bible does not sugar-coat the human condition. It is very realistic as to what goes on in the world—even to the point of being uncomfortable for parents to read with their sheltered children! This evil serves not as a focal point, but as a pointer to the focal point: the need and provision of God’s grace. Without His favor, Jacob, his sons, and all of humanity for that matter, would be doomed forever. God maintained His promise to the family for a fruitful posterity and a homeland. God saves people despite their sinful condition. If you trust Him, He will save you in spite of your sin too!

Our Scripture reading was Acts 18:1-28

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