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Zacharias and Gabriel - Matt Postiff

Posted August 7, 2023 | Length: 00:54:08 | File size in bytes: 19488096

Our Scripture reading was Acts 27:1-44

John and his parents are fine examples for us. By God’s grace, we too can Be righteous before God by faith, Be upright on our conduct, Experience answered prayer and the joy of it, Lead our children to be good in God’s sight, though they may not embrace John’s way for themselves, Avoid alcohol and other impure things; Be filled with God’s Spirit, Be an agent to point people to God, Believe God’s word, Be thankful to God when He gives gifts to us. The bigger picture was that God was setting up for One far greater than John to come and provide redemption for His people. John is a pointer to Jesus, a man great in his own right, but comparatively unworthy to loosen the sandal straps of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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