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Think Well - Matt Postiff

Audio from June 16, 2024 SS | Philippians 4:8
Posted June 21, 2024 | Length: 00:40:15 | File size in bytes: 14492448

In myself: A. Repent. Confess any sin. Ask God to help you think better in the future, more carefully, more truly, etc. In others: B. Do not treat the failed person with malice, harsh judgement, ill will, lack of love, lack of mercy, etc. C. Love covers a multitude of sins. D. Gently ask the person to explain their thinking, and if truly he is not “thinking well” then ask him to amend his ways. If there is a pattern of sin, expose that as a help to the brother or sister so they will break that pattern. E. Be quick to forgive.

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