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Offices of Church Leadership, Part 2, and Bible Q&A - Matt Postiff

Audio from November 11, 2018 PM | 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, Various
Posted November 16, 2018 | Length: 00:38:36 | File size in bytes: 6950664

We had a question about sanctifying the Levitical equipment in the tabernacle in Leviticus 8.

We had a question about Michal and her relationship to King David, although some of that did not come through on the recording because there was much audience participation that was difficult to hear.

The bulk of the time was spent on the terms for Christian leadership in the church, and a brief review of the qualifications of Christian leaders. This moved into a discussion of knowing God's guidance as it relates to not only a call to ministry, but also to decisions of any sort. We touched on the topic of hospitality briefly.

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