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A Good Attitude Towards Leadership - Matt Postiff

Audio from August 7, 2019 PM | 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13
Posted August 10, 2019 | Length: 00:27:09 | File size in bytes: 4887972

Christians are called to know their pastors well enough to have an intimate appreciation for them and to respect them because of their value. The work of pastors is summarized in a 3-fold description which includes 1) laboring, working to the point of exhaustion; 2) overseeing, literally standing before the flock to lead them in the way of righteousness; and 3) admonishing, instructing in the truths of God's word. In addition to knowing pastors, congregations are to think rightly and lovingly of their pastors, not because of their charm or personality, but because of the fact that they work for the Chief Shepherd as His special servants. They are also to submit to their leadership so that peace prevails in the church.

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