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Introduction to Peter (Salutation) - Tom McParlan

Posted September 11, 2019 | Length: 00:45:40 | File size in bytes: 8222364

Peter, an Apostle of Jesus Christ was one of a unique group of men who were personally called and commissioned by Christ, and who ministered with Christ after His resurrection. The church was built upon the foundation of their teaching. Pilgrims, were strangers dispossessed in a land not their own, temporary residents or foreigners. Like all believers, they were residents of an eternal city, the Dispersion. Here, this word is used in a non-technical sense referring to spritual pilgrims, aliens to the earth, whether Jews or Gentiles. Peter's letter is addressed to churches in provinces located in modern-day Turkey, which were part of the Roman empire. We also understand how Christians are to stand firm in Faith in light of persection. Even through persection we are to rejoice in Him.

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