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Work Completed - Matt Postiff

Posted October 2, 2019 | Length: 00:51:51 | File size in bytes: 9334656

Our continued study in the book of Nehemiah now covers the completion of the wall. Despite Israel's enemies spreading lies to hinder their work, the massive project of building these walls only took 52 days! Nehemiah said it best, "they perceived that this work was done by our God." That is a God-glorifying testimony, even if the other nations did not believe in the God of Israel. Our study reveals 1) He shows the continuity of the Jewish people 2) He alerts us to the subtle and devious ways of lying enemies 3) He shows how "real" life in Israel was, with all its warts 4) He models for us how to handle opposition with prayer and perseverance, courage and wisdom, discernment and focus 5) He shows us how to have a God-ward focus.

Our Scripture reading was found in Numbers 20:1-29.

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