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Three Transgressions and for Four - James Widgeon

Posted October 16, 2019 | Length: 00:35:32 | File size in bytes: 6396408

The earthquake mentioned by Zechariah (14:5), Josephus connects it with Uzziah's sin of usurping the role of a priest. The Lord's wrath was directed primarily toward Israel. Amos, a shepherd, courageously warned the flock of God's pasture that they were in imminent danger from a roaring lion who turned out to be the ultimate Shepherd of the flock. Amos began with Israel's enemies, and thereby gained an initial hearing. When he turned to God's judgement on Israel, the leaders tried to silence him. With three, the cup of iniquity was full, with four it overflowed. This judgement was to fall on Syria, whose capital is Damascus.

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