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Greatness of Salvation - Tom McParlan

Audio from November 3, 2019 SS | 1 Peter 1:10-13
Posted November 5, 2019 | Length: 00:44:28 | File size in bytes: 8005824

In the study, Peter looks at the greatness of salvation from the viewpoint of the divine agents who made it possible: 1) OT prophets 2) the Holy Spirit 3) NT apostles and 4) the angels. Jesus Christ, in the person of the Holy Spirit, took up residence within the writers of the OT, enabling them to write about the glorious salvation to be consummated in the future. The NT apostles and preachers of the gospel has the privilege of proclaiming that the prophecies written by the OT prophets had come to pass. In light of their great salvation, Christians, especially those undergoing suffering, should unreservedly live for the future, anticipating the consummation of their salvation at the second coming of Christ. Christ's future ministry of glorifying Christians and giving them eternal life in His presence will be the final culmination of the grace initiated at salvation.

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