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Faith in Him Through Trials - John O'Dell

Posted November 5, 2019 | Length: 01:01:42 | File size in bytes: 11107152

We have studied four main people in the first book of Ruth. Elimelech did not trust God to take care of him. Ruth makes a committed choice to depend fully on God with a steadfast firm Faith. Naomi returns to Bethlelem with her weak faith. Orpah with a misdirected faith returns to her home town and her false gods. In these four people, most of us will find a picture of our own situation in our own lives. All of us are in one position or another concerning trials. Through the trials we will face in this life how we handle these will directly depend on our Faith in God that He will provide for us.

Our Scripture reading was found in Ruth 1:1-22.

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