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A Royal Priesthood - Tom McParlan

Posted December 24, 2019 | Length: 00:42:34 | File size in bytes: 7663896

We continue our study in the book of Peter, where we see Peter alluding to the OT to remind his readers that the people of God are no longer just Jews. The Lord has called Jew and Gentile alike out of darkness to witness tot he world that divine mercy is available to all. As sojourners and pilgrims in a godless culture, Christians are called to distance themselves from fleshly lusts-earthly values and obsessions, in effect ostracizing those things that cause them to sin. At the same time, their conduct should be so loving and full of integrity that it can win over unbelievers by the evidence of Christ's work in a person's life. God is honored and faultfinders are silenced when Christians submit as loyal subjects to the authorities God has placed over them, especially when they are harsh. For Christians to be part of their culture as servants of God, they must remember that the Bible commands obedience to authority except when that the Bible commands obedience to authority except when that authority demands immoral or ungodly behavior.

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