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Ezekiel for Dummies (Part 7) - Matt Postiff

Posted February 11, 2020 | Length: 00:40:57 | File size in bytes: 7372728

We continue our study in chapters thirty-three and thirty-four where we see God calling Israel to repentance along with a future restoration. God holds Israel's leaders (shepherds) responsible by "hearing and not doing". Here was a message to exiles, who had no intention of obeying the prophet's messages. They liked to listen, but not apply the prophet's messages. They finally knew by bitter experience that he had spoken the truth of God. The people appreciated the eloquence of Ezekiel, but not the realty of his message. From chapter thirty-four on, Ezekiel's messages are mostly comforting, telling of God's grace and faithfulness to His covenant promises. In Chapter thirty-five we see God making sure the Earth knows He is the Lord by 1) the blessing of Israel, 2) the curse on Israel, and 3) judgement of the other nations.

Our Scripture reading was found in 1 Kings 8:33-66.

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