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Missionary Report: The Lord's Work - Waad Haddad

Audio from March 22, 2020 SS | Matthew 14:22-33
Posted March 26, 2020 | Length: 00:45:50 | File size in bytes: 8250984

From the book of Matthew 14:22-33 we can pull from the Scripture four steps on how to serve Christ through our current crisis: 1) The tests and trials are permitted and design by God. We should not be surprised by the trials we are faced with. We are called to trust God through these trials and tests as He has a purpose for each of these. 2) Keep your focus solely on Christ as you face trials through suffering. We put our faith in Him to give us eternal life, but unable to take care of our little needs here on Earth. Do not focus on the storm but fix your eyes on Christ to protect us and provide us peace. 3) Prayer is the means by which we can focus on Christ. The disciples failed to pray to Christ. However, Peter cried out to Christ. As we face trials and suffering we should always pray to Him. 4) Meditate on the Scriptures. During the times of trials and suffering we must open our Bible and listen to God's voice through His Word. Your faith will be strengthened and your peace and joy will abide in Him.

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