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God uses Esther to stop the Jewish Genocide - Tom McParlan

Audio from May 31, 2020 SS | Esther 2:1-3:15
Posted May 31, 2020 | Length: 00:42:24 | File size in bytes: 7633332

Esther, a young Jewish woman, was not in any position to influence her success. It was God who quietly orchestrated her journey from obscurity to the second most-powerful position in the entire kingdom. Haman was placed in a high-authority position and demanded all people to bow to him. Esther's uncle Mordecai refused to bow the knee. Haman filled with anger formed a plot not only to kill Mordecai but to to annihilate the entire Jewish race. Mordecai learns of Haman's plots and immediately informs Esther. Esther, having the kings ear, reports Haman's plot to the king and saves the Jewish race from genocide.

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