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TENTATIVE: Vacation Bible School July 29 - August 2, 2024

To register for our 2024 Vacation Bible School, click here.

What is the curriculum this year? We are engaged in an epic battle for the hearts and minds of our youth. Every day, they’re bombarded with lies about who they are, who their Creator is, and where their salvation comes from. Thankfully, God has given his children armor to wear in this battle between truth and lies, light and darkness, good and evil. With this VBS, your kids will learn how they can be part of God’s kingdom through salvation in his Son and will be equipped with the armor of God to become Keepers of the Kingdom who stand strong in today’s battle for truth.

What about health and safety of the children? See the health and safety page for more information.

When is Vacation Bible School? Vacation Bible School (VBS) is Monday through Friday. It starts at 9:30am each day and ends at noon.

Who is it for? Any child going into kindergarten this coming Fall through age 12 may attend the Vacation Bible School. The child must be kindergarten. We may make exceptions for children who are almost that age, but a parent or guardian must attend with the child to help supervise. The reason for this is that we have challenges keeping up with the extra-wiggly children, given our staffing level and the type of material that is being taught.

What is the cost? There is no cost. We offer our Vacation Bible School as a free community service.

How do I register? To register click here and fill out the form. That's all it takes!

Is there an online option? This year we will not be offering VBS online.

What is Vacation Bible School? Vacation Bible School is a week-long series of meetings when children can learn about Jesus through a re-telling of various portions of the Bible. Our goal, as you might expect, is to show the children the good news of how to become a Christian. This good news is called the "gospel." This will help our children discover how they too should obey God's desire for their lives.

What does a typical morning look like? A lot happens in the two and a half hours of the VBS. After enrollment/registration, the first group session is held. There are songs, a skit, team competitions, and then the a Bible lesson.

Then there is a break for rotational classes (science, craft, snack, and games), followed by the second group session with more songs, Bible lesson review, creature feature, and puppet show. Worksheets will be handed out that reinforce the Bible lessons and will earn the children points if brought back completed the next day. The closing session ends with a Gospel presentation and reminders for the upcoming days of VBS and for children to memorize their Bible verses to earn points.

How can parents be involved? The final day's closing program is special because parents are invited to join in and see what happens and what the children have learned during the week.

Parents are permitted to stay and watch on any of the days if they want. Or they may want to use the time to do some errands. This year, we are encouraging parents to drop their children off instead of coming into the building with them. Monday through Thursday pickup will be at the front door of the church instead of inside. This will help reduce close contact between families who may be concerned about COVID-19.

Who teaches the Bible lessons? Our VBS teachers this year have done lots of children's ministry in our church. Our church also supplies volunteers to help the rotational classes and logistics.

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