Connecting with Other Programs

Bibledit-Desktop can "talk" to other programs on your computer.


On Windows, View | External Resource | Bibleworks sends the current verse reference to Bibleworks, and should cause Bibleworks to navigate to that verse. There is no need, as there previous was, of installing Bibledit-web or bwoutpost to accomplish this.

Web Bible Programs

Bibledit-Desktop can open various web resources directly from the View | External Resources menu. These include Bible Gateway, Bible Study Tools, Blue Letter Bible, and


Paratext communication has been untested for some years, but support code remains in Bibledit-Desktop. Opoen an issue on Github if you find a bug in this support.

Xiphos and BibleTime

Both of these are frontends for the Sword library. The support for inter-operation with these programs has been untested for some years now. We presume it would take a little work to get them going again. Let us know with an issue report on Github.

Online Bible

Online Bible version 4.0, installed on Windows or Linux, can receive the focused reference from Bibledit-Desktop. Though support was in Bibledit for this capability, it has been untested for some years.


When Bibledit-Desktop finds a GoBibleCreator on the system, it will use it, and is able to export the Bible text to GoBible format. For more information about the GoBible, and how to install it on your system, see the following links:Go Bible and Go Bible on Google Code.

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