Download the Latest Version of Bibledit

Bibledit is free software, licensed under the GPL. You may download the binary package below. Or, you may get and build the source code from github by following instructions in our Developers section. If you are on Linux, click here or if on Windows, click here

Note that you do NOT need to uninstall prior versions of Bibledit. As long as you have enough disk space, just leave your old edition and install the new one. In fact, we recommend you do that for now.

For versions 4.9.6 and above, there is no uninstaller. To uninstall Bibledit, all that you need to do is remove the entire C:\Program Files (x86)\Bibledit-4.9.x\ directory and the icon on your desktop. No other changes are made by the installer to your system (no registry edits, no other files installed in system directories, etc.). If you use this method to uninstall, your personal .bibledit directory will remain; no settings or Bible text will be lost and will be used by the new edition of Bibledit.

Thanks to Jon Snoeberger for building the installer packages and a script to automate the construction of the installers.

Download Older Versions of Bibledit

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