Coding Tips

The following information is a variation on that found in the repository at gtk/windows/DEVELOPING.txt. Check that file for the latest updates.

  1. The below assumes you are presently in the directory bibledit/gtk
  2. We are using git, and we encourage you to use it with branching. This means that you will do a few things to set up git. For example:
    1. git config --global "your@email.address"
    2. git config --global "Your Name"
    3. git config --global pull.rebase true
    4. You can omit --global on the last command if you want to change the local .git/config instead of your global ~/.gitconfig
  3. Create a branch that will contain your bug fix or feature: git checkout -b your-bug-or-feature-name
  4. Make your code changes; compile; test; repeat until satisfied
  5. Commit your changes to your local repository: git commit -a -m "Descriptive message about your-bug-or-feature"
  6. Switch back to the master branch: git checkout master
  7. Get any changes to the repository since you've been "gone": git pull
  8. Merge your changes into the main line: git merge your-bug-or-feature-name
  9. Compile; test; repeat until satisfied
  10. At this point you would normally push your changes up to the remote repository. But not just anyone has rights to do that. So you have to send the changes to the dev team and we will integrate them if they are good. Contact us for how to do that.
  11. After everything on your bug or feature is done, you delete that branch: git branch -d your-bug-or-feature-name
  12. Repeat this process until the Lord returns!
  13. Every once in a while you will probably have to do some spring cleaning: make clean; make

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