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Differences between Protestant and Catholic Doctrine, Part 2 - Matt Postiff

Posted October 12, 2020 | Length: 00:44:09 | File size in bytes: 7947504

This morning we continue our study as we discuss the differences between the Catholic religion and the Protestant faith, which are indeed significant, including the following: 1) Catholic Teaching Magisterium vs. Protestant Scripture Alone 2) Catholic Scripture + Tradition vs. Protestant Scripture Alone 3) Catholic Justification vs. Protestant Justification – How it is Obtained 4) Catholic Justification vs. Protestant Justification – Point or Process? 5) Catholic Eucharist vs. Protestant Lord’s Table 6) Catholic Priests vs. Protestant Priests 7) Catholic Veneration of Saints and Worship of Mary, and lastly 8) View of Sacraments in General.

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