Bible Study Notes

Bible Notes by Pastor Matt Postiff

Click here to see an index of some of the Bible study notes Pastor Postiff has used for teaching at Fellowship Bible. The notes are indexed by Bible passage. Clicking the link to see the library where you can find the passage you are interested in, or browse the many notes that are available.

Bible Notes by Andy Bennett

Andy Bennett is a Bible teacher who was formerly involved in our Howell church planting ministry. He has produced a series of Bible notes on various books and topics which you can view here.

Bible Notes by Pastor Raymond Saxe

Our former Pastor, Raymond Saxe, produced notes at least weekly to go along with his sermons. Some of them are available here. Pastor Saxe preached in Ann Arbor from 1963 until 2006, and we have not been able to collect and digitize all his notes (yet!).

Doctrinal and Topical Studies

Most of these notes are by Pastor Matt Postiff, unless otherwise noted.

  • Alcohol and Drinking (doc, pdf)
  • Bible: Introductory Seminar on the Bible and the King-James Only Movement (pdf)
  • Bible: Reading Schedule (doc, pdf)
  • Church: Guidelines on Selecting a Church (doc, pdf)
  • Creation: Biblical Creationism, by Dr. Robert McCabe (doc)
  • Creation: Review of Coming to Grips with Genesis in Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal vol. 14, 2009 (pdf, xps)
  • Death and Dying: The End of Life (pdf)
  • Dispensationalism: A session taught at Salem Bible Church's 2011 Bible Conference (pdf)
  • Dispensationalism: Summary of the Dispensations and Covenants (doc, pdf)
  • Good Works (doc, pdf)
  • Grace in the Tribulation, by Malcolm Borden (Dallas Theological Seminary, 1959) (docx, pdf)
  • Historical Theology: The Origin of the Campbellite Movement (pdf)
  • Holy Spirit: Doctrinal Overview (doc, pdf)
  • Holy Spirit: The Filling Ministry of the Holy Spirit (pdf)
  • Jesus Christ: An Investigation of the Transitional Nature of the Sermon on the Mount (pdf)
  • Jesus Christ: Resurrection: Myth or Truth? (pdf)
  • Kingdom of God: Three sessions taught at Salem Bible Church's 2011 Bible Conference (pdf)
  • Kingdom of God short course: Universal Kingdom, Syllabus, and reading report form
  • Missions: Proclamation as the Center of Missionary Endeavor pdf
  • Salvation: Adoption into God's Family (doc, pdf)
  • Salvation: A Theological and Exegetical Examination of the "Old Man" Versus "New Man" Contrast (doc, pdf)
  • Salvation: One Way, and the Status of the Unevangelized pdf
  • Sanctification: The Relationship of Position to Experience in Christian Theology (doc, pdf)
  • Theology: Introductory Seminar on Apologetics (pdf)
  • Theology Proper: How God Knows Counterfactuals: Th.M. Thesis, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary (pdf)
  • Theology Proper: A Study of the Viability of the Doctrine of Middle Knowledge (doc, pdf)
  • The Trinity (PDF)
  • What Must I Do to be Saved? A study of the Biblical conditions of salvation (docx, pdf)

Fine Print

These notes are Copyright © their respective authors and cannot be duplicated or reposted on the Internet without written consent, nor can they be modified. However, these notes can be used for personal study.

If you find that downloading some of the .docx files is difficult, there is help. If you are using IE 7, you will see the files download as .zip folders, even though they are .docx files. You can rename the folder from .zip to .docx (that's right), or you can open the .zip file in Word. Or, you can use FireFox, which does not do the .zip renaming that IE 7 does. If you do not have Word 2007 but you do have an earlier version like Office 2003, you can open Office 2007 files. To do so, a converter needs to be installed from Microsoft. The converter makes opening 2007 files in Office 2003 seamless. You can search the Internet for this add-on.

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