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Church Discipline - Jansen Lorch

Audio from October 28, 2020 SS | Galatians 6:1-5
Posted November 2, 2020 | Length: 00:31:34 | File size in bytes: 5684472

The role of those who are spiritual is to serve in humility, not to correct in pride. Although ultimately God bears our burdens, He does some of His best work through people. Typically, burdens are exceptionally heavy loads. When we bear another's burden, helping them shoulder the oppression of temptation or pride or spiritual failure, we are doing the work of God and fulfilling the "law of Christ". To pridefully think we are something-either too important to inconvenience ourselves or better than someone else-often keeps us from sacrificial service to one another. The word used here for bear describes a soldier's backpack and refers to each believer's personal responsibility. As we give help to and receive help from one another, we must not neglect our own responsibilities before God, because we will one day give account to God only for what we have done. This is a warning against spiritual laziness and an exhortation towards personal responsibility.

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