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The Destruction and Restoration of Israel - James Widgeon

Posted December 16, 2020 | Length: 00:38:45 | File size in bytes: 6976692

The fifth vision opens with the Lord standing beside the altar in Bethel, commanding that the temple be torn down, thus falling upon the worshipers. he would spare none. Desperate to escape, none will successfully hide from the hand of judgement. Righteous David found solace in the omnipresence of God; the wicked find only His wrath. Lest anyone question the Lord's power, they are reminded of His omnipotence revealed in creation and in His sovereign rulership of the nations. Other nations have been transplanted from their homelands; why not Israel? Only the chaff was to be punished; His remnant was to be preserved to inherit the blessings spoken of in the following verses. Millennial blessings await the final faithful remnant, when Messiah personally reigns over all nations in Jerusalem upon the throne of David, and the Jews are never again pulled up from their divinely inherited land.

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