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Lord's Table: Blood of the Covenant - Matt Postiff, et al

Posted July 22, 2015 | Length: 00:43:20 | File size in bytes: 7800516

Pastor Postiff and several men of the church share Scripture reading and comments regarding the Lord's Table. The New Covenant again takes the focus in the message this evening, particularly the church's relationship to it as respects the blood of the new covenant. Several key passages in Hebrews mention this blood, as the blood of the covenant, the blood of sprinkling, and the blood of the everlasting covenant.

We advance the idea that the blood of the covenant is distinguishable from the covenant itself. These two ideas cannot be separated--they always go together--but there is the blood of the covenant, and then there is the covenant. The covenant is the setup, the terms, the promises. The blood of the covenant is what activates or solemnizes the covenant. The blood of the covenant is that thing upon which the covenant rests; it is the foundation or ground of the blessings of the covenant because of the purification necessary to have a covenant relationship between God and man. The blessings of the new covenant, such as forgiveness or remission of sins, all rest upon that foundation. God cannot enter into a relationship with someone who is sullied by sin. The blood of the covenant has to be there to wash away sin that would prohibit any blessings. Christians are not under the full terms or blessing of the new covenant, but we have been purified by the blood that is associated with that covenant, and we have received the blessings that are provided to present-day Christians because of it.

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