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Audio from August 2, 2015 PM | Matt Postiff | Various
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After reading of Esther 8 through 10, Pastor took questions from the congregation. Questions included the nature of the decree made by King Ahasuerus both through Haman and Mordecai; whether a woman needs to wear a head covering and the principle of submission to authority; a question about free will, determinism, and total depravity; a question about how to handle a partner in witnesses who does not share your theological system.

One notable question was about the doctrine of election and whether Fellowship Bible Church believes in evangelism. In short, yes, we do preach the doctrine of personal unconditional election, and YES, we do evangelize because God told us to, and because evangelism is the means by which He calls people to salvation!

Another question was whether the phrase "through his blood" is missing in Colossians 1:14 and the KJV-only error. There was a question about the different versions of the Living Hymns hymnal that we have acquired over the years. There was another question about whether time ceases to exist after eternity begins, and from where time originated. The origin of sin was also discussed.

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