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Bible Conference: Unity Overturned

Audio from Bible Conference August 19, 2015 | Mike Brunk | Ephesians 2
Posted September 2, 2015 | Length: 00:39:20 | File size in bytes: 7080048

Missionary Mike Brunk begins a planned series of five message on Ephesians and unity in the church. This first message has to do with the effect of sin and how it spoils unity by separating people from God. The remainder of the series is slated to cover different aspects of Biblical unity: the second message will show that Christ has determined to make a unified whole of his creation; third, Ephesians 4:1-6 will show the standard of unity; the fourth message will be unity empowered, focusing on the centrality of the Bible to true unity; and finally the series will cover the demonstration of unity by appropriating the word into daily life.

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