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A Lamb Led to the Slaughter - Matthew Postiff

Audio from December 28, 2022 PM | Matthew 27:26-35
Posted January 3, 2023 | Length: 00:35:04 | File size in bytes: 12625488

We continue the study of Jesus after the trial and the substitution of Barabbas, a murderer, who deserved the death penalty. Jesus, however, was set to be crucified instead. Pilate, the Roman governor handed Him over to His death, just as the crowd demanded. The Roman soldiers scourged and mocked Him and led Him to be crucified. All these events occurred during the Passover. The Roman soldiers compelled a man of Cyrene, Simon, to bear His cross. When they came to Golgotha, the Romans gave Him sour wine mingled with gall to drink. Jesus tasted it but would not drink it. Then they crucified Him along with the two other men who were crucified. Roman soldiers divided their things, casting lots. Jesus went through all of this to take the wrath of God against Himself, for us.

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