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Apostolic Partners - Matt Postiff

Audio from January 24, 2016 AM | Colossians 4:7-9
Posted January 26, 2016 | Length: 01:00:19 | File size in bytes: 10859616

About 15 years ago Pastor Saxe preached on this section of Scripture and titled it "Apostolic Partners." That title captured my attention and for some reason I never forgot it. As I think on it now, the title interested my mind because it spoke of a team effort, of fellowship in the work of the gospel, of partnership, of a precious inter-personal relationship that was shared between Paul and his co-workers, and of people instead of just doctrines or ideas. Such special team partnerships are part of our own experience in this church and in our sister churches.

In this message, we examine this passage afresh, looking at reasons why we should study a section of the Bible on greetings: after all, it doesn't seem very important. But we will see that the examples of faith that we see here are important models for us to follow.

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