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Audio from January 31, 2016 PM | Matt Postiff | Various
Posted February 2, 2016 | Length: 00:53:47 | File size in bytes: 9682848

After reading of Jeremiah 38 and 39, Pastor Postiff answered some Bible questions. Included were questions (1) about the KJV translation of Hosea 2:16 with the words "Ishi" and "Baali"; (2) about why the Lord commanded the crowd to stay quiet about the healing that He had just performed and why then the people did not obey Him; (3) about why the demon in Mark 9 did not immediately leave the boy when the Lord commanded him to do so; (4) about where demons go after they are cast out; (5) and a general question about demons, demonic influence, the relationship of a Christian believer to demons, societal influence of demons, and the like.

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