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The Bible and Slavery, Part 3

Audio from March 6, 2016 AM | Matt Postiff | Various
Posted March 18, 2016 | Length: 00:59:37 | File size in bytes: 10732500

After a brief review, Pastor Postiff continues the study of slavery in the Bible by going over Old Testament regulations for domestic and foreign slaves in Israel. The terrible so-called justification of slavery based on Genesis 9:21-27 is also explained and dismissed as a terrible example of Bible interpretation. Pastor Postiff takes a clear and strong abolitionist position at the end of the message. The weight of Biblical theology and morality demand that property slavery and any abusive forms of that institution be eliminated. Servant arrangements or debt-payback arrangements are not forbidden and can be done righteously according to God's word.

With this message, the mini-series on slavery is completed and next time, we will start looking at the letter to Philemon and learn about Onesimus and his slavery situation.

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