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Audio from March 20, 2016 PM | Matt Postiff | Various
Posted March 24, 2016 | Length: 00:49:05 | File size in bytes: 8836128

Pastor Postiff took questions on a number of topics, including burial versus cremation; donation of one's body for medical research; organ donation (living and deceased); the enigma of Lot and how he could be a righteous man living in the midst of Sodom, along with his use of alcohol and the incident of incest with his daughters; the reason that the location of Lot's tent is given in Scripture; how Lot could have attempted to give up his daughters to the assailants outside his home; a brief mention about the justified use of deadly force; about the "wisdom" of Solomon given all his sins; when Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes; and about Luke 13 and how it is that people will attempt to enter the door of salvation but will not be permitted.

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