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Prayer for the Sick - Matt Postiff

Posted March 24, 2016 | Length: 00:51:11 | File size in bytes: 9215640

A dear and very sick friend of our church asked us to participate in special prayer in the manner of James 5:13-18. Because he was able to make it to the church at this early stage after his cancer diagnosis, we had the blessing of sharing together in a study of the James passage and then to have special prayer with anointing. In our ministry this is a very rare occurrence, and it was a first-time experience for many in the church. This was not a 'spectacle,' however. Pastor Postiff spoke on the James passage to help us understand better how prayer is to be offered in the case of severe illness and what the Bible teaches that God does about such prayer. The service ended with the prayer of Deacon James of Widgeon and Pastor Postiff. Deacon Widgeon's prayer was not audible, so we have omitted it, but kept the rest.

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