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Wise Counsel from Qohelet's Observations of Life

Audio from May 22, 2016 PM | Matt Postiff | Ecclesiastes 8
Posted May 23, 2016 | Length: 00:50:18 | File size in bytes: 9056340

After reading Lamentations 4, Pastor Postiff gave a verse-by-verse exposition of Ecclesiastes 8. The key take-away comes at the end of the chapter. It is there that we learn that if we ask a lot of questions about the meaning of life and God's administration of the affairs of life, we need to realize that we will NOT be able to come up with satisfactory answers. We are incapable. Pastor Postiff suggested that the two-fold reason for this is that we are finite and sinful. Only God knows how He is directing the affairs of the world. This humbles us, which helps us to keep our trust in God instead of in our own intellects!

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