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Ecclesiastes 9

Audio from June 12, 2016 PM | Matt Postiff | Ecclesiastes 9
Posted June 14, 2016 | Length: 00:37:47 | File size in bytes: 6803028

Subsequent to reading Matthew 1, Pastor Postiff preached through the opening portions of chapter 9. Despite the fact that Solomon lacked later revelation including the entire New Testament, his writing is no less inspired than any other portion of the Bible (11:21 in the audio). What he writes comes from the perspective of a man observing life and seeing that all people, whether good or bad, end up in death (14:32). This frustrating reality is true, although incomplete (14:50) because Solomon does not have the benefit of a completed personal eschatology. The frustration is that when you die, you cannot live anymore! Humanity's one opportunity to live is precious and needs to be maximized. While doing so, God tells us through Solomon, we can enjoy the wonderful gifts that He gives us. No do-overs on life!

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