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Dangers of False Teaching

Audio from August 7, 2016 AM | Matt Postiff | 2 Timothy 2:16-19
Posted August 16, 2016 | Length: 00:46:00 | File size in bytes: 8281656

Last time we examined the minister's job description. We learned that he must remind the church of divine truth; charge them not to participate in profitless word-wars; work hard to be an approved worker before God in terms of handling the Bible properly; and shun empty talk. Earlier the pastor was likened to an athlete, a soldier, and a farmer. Now, the minister is likened to a skilled workman who has a job to do. He doesn't have time to waste on useless talk, and he certainly doesn't have time to spend on word-wars that damage his workmanship.

The next message in the series was entitled "Useful for Honor." Unfortunately, on 8/14/2016 we had no electricity at the church during the morning service so could not record the audio. Following is a summary of what we learned.

Do you want to be useful to the Lord? Do you have that as one of your life’s primary goals, right alongside loving God, honoring God and witnessing for God? If you do not have that desire to be useful to God, here is a diagnostic question: what is wrong with you? Do you want to be useless? Do you care? Do you love God? As we study, you will see that the word useful brings out a key idea in this passage of Scripture.

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