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Audio from November 20, 2016 SS | Wilfred Matham | 1 Timothy 2:1-7
Posted November 22, 2016 | Length: 00:39:54 | File size in bytes: 7184916

Pastor Matham preached on 1 Timothy 2:1-7 and reported on the work that God is doing in South Africa, including the threats against that work. He suggests that evangelism is threatened by a lack of edification. Democracy is threatened by disorder. Profession of Christianity is threatened by pluralism. The gospel is also threatened by the rise of African traditional religion (ATR). A fascinating fact he shared concerned the global shift of the focus of Christianity from the north and west to the south and east. Receiving nations are now becoming sending nations in terms of missionaries.

He taught a little quip based on John 14:6 to remind us of the exclusive claims of Christ: Jesus taught that He is the way, and without the way, there is no going; He is the truth, and without the truth, there is no knowing; He is the life, and without the life, there is no living.

A number of questions and answers were given at the end of the session.

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