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Jesus Lord of Angels: Christmas Worship

Audio from December 25, 2016 | Matt Postiff | Various
Posted December 28, 2016 | Length: 00:39:57 | File size in bytes: 7192368

Our Sunday school service was not recorded this morning. It was an interactive study on Romans 12:1-2. This was followed by our Christmas morning worship service. In years past we have examined the incarnation event from the perspectives of Joseph, Mary, Zacharias, and Simeon. Many an accounting has been given of the event of Christ's birth from the perspective of the shepherds, even in songs like The First Noel. We remember Anna in Luke 2:36-38. The same story has been told from the perspective of the wise men from the east. We could tell it from the viewpoint of Herod, and also from the point of view of the priests and scribes. But what about the angels? What does this history look like from their perspective? The Bible gives us some insight which we will study today.

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