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Decision Making and God's Will - Matt Postiff

Posted January 17, 2017 | Length: 00:51:33 | File size in bytes: 9281520

Scripture reading for this evening's service was in Matthew 17. In response to a congregant's question from last week, Pastor Postiff takes some time in this service to teach on the Biblical concept of the will of God and how to make Biblical decisions. We try to demystify the idea of the will of God and ensure that we don't get caught up in a mystical, traditional view of God's will. For instance, we should not test God as Gideon did in putting out a fleece and asking for special signs. In reality, God's will can be known by means of a thorough understanding of God's word and skillful application of that word to life. We close with an illustration about how to decide something that is not spelled out in Scripture.

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