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Eyewitnesses of Jesus After His Resurrection - James Widgeon

Audio from April 30, 2017 SS | John 2, 10, various
Posted April 30, 2017 | Length: 00:35:53 | File size in bytes: 6461316

We have a reliable historical document in the Bible. We also need to keep in mind three things. When speaking of Jesus, we are talking about a real person. Second, this person actually died by being crucified. Third, we emphasized that he actually rose up from the dead. Giving up on any one of these facts causes the whole structure of Christianity to collapse.

Some other proofs are mentioned regarding the crucifixion and resurrection, including the very words of Jesus who predicted his own crucifixion. These events were also eye-witnessed by many people. These witnesses were, by all accounts, very credible.

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