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Baby Dedication: The Role of Dad and Mom

Audio from December 7, 2014 AM | Matt Postiff | Various
Posted December 9, 2014 | Length: 00:44:38 | File size in bytes: 8035956

This message serves as a reminder to parents, in particular, of their responsibilities to raise children in the way of the Lord. Key points include that fathers are to love their children and take care not to exasperate them; fathers need to be careful to not only put bread on the table, but to provide spiritual bread to their children; fathers must structure the family life around the values of the Lord instead of the values of the world. Mothers are to love their children; they must have a lot of personal contact with children, especially in the early years; and mothers must strive to be like the virtuous wife in Proverbs 31. Note: there is some material here, starting at the 30:50 mark, that is completely counter-cultural and may shock you. Enjoy, and may it provoke you to love and good works!

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