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Parable of the Fig Trees - Matt Postiff

Audio from June 18, 2017 AM | Matthew 21:12-22
Posted June 20, 2017 | Length: 00:42:10 | File size in bytes: 7591428

There are at least three places in the gospels where the Jesus uses the fig tree as an illustration. Matthew and Mark are parallel passages, and Luke records another illustration that uses the fig tree.

These events occurred at the beginning of the "Passion Week," just after the triumphal entry and just prior to the chief priests, scribes, and elders asking the question about where Jesus got His authority. Matthew and Mark record the same events about the fig tree, driving out the traders from the temple, and the teaching about prayer. But the order of their records is different.

We learned three key truths in this message: 1. The church is for worship, prayer, and service to others—it is not for merchandise or entertainment. 2. A barren tree reminds you to live a fruitful life so as to have a good judgment. 3. Our prayers can be powerful, but they have to be righteous first.

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